Article published by journal Physics of Fluids: The stability of wakes of floating wind turbines

Have you ever wondered how the motion of a floating platform may affect the wake of a wind turbine mounted on top of it?

We are proud to announce that a paper featuring a collaboration between Kungliga Tekniska högskolanInstituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica – ITA and Universidade de São Paulo on the study of the stability of wakes of floating offshore wind turbines has just been published in American Institute of Physics‘ journal Physics of Fluids.

It also features a Scilight article, explaining briefly the highlights of the paper, linked below.

Thanks Vitor Kleine, Lucas Franceschini, Ardeshir Hanifi and Dan Henningson for the collaboration, discussion and vision, and thanks FAPESP for sponsoring part of this research.

The full paper can be accessed at